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The Walking Dead #SDCC Season 9 Trailer

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead
Image courtesy of AMC's Youtube channel
Written by Todd Stowell

Season 9 marks the end for lead character Rick Grimes as Andrew Lincoln departs the show.

The Walking Dead’s Season 9 Comic-Con trailer has dropped, courtesy of AMC. The 5 minute trailer is a fast forward¬†in time from last season’s “All Out War” with Negan. The trailer shows more zombies, more fighting among the communities and more Negan. Check out the video below and leave us a comment on what you think Season 9 has in store for the fans and the franchise.

Season 9 also marks the departure of series star Andrew Lincoln, a.k.a Rick Grimes, which leaves many to wonder how the character will exit the show. With AMC announcing so far in advance, does that help or hurt the show entering Season 9? Also, will we see other series regulars depart after Season 9 such as Danai Gurira (Michonne) or Lauren Cohan (Maggie)?

The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres in October.

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